​"Protection of EuRopean borders and Seas through the intelligent Use of Surveillance". Monitorização das fronteiras externas da União Europeia. Monitorização das fronteiras externas da União Europeia. PERSEUS ambitions two major objectives: 1. Enhance the operational capability to detect difficult targets. The project will of course test new sensors and new platforms, but as no revolution is expected in this domain in the years to come, we will put the emphasis on the processing capabilities of the surveillance systems (fusion, correlation, synthesis and automated abnormal behaviour detection and identification of associated threats). 2. Develop a first operational semi‐automated capability for the interoperability between Member States (procedural and technical aspects) that will enable the exchange of useful information with two patterns:

• Trans‐national surveillance continuity between coastal stations and between NCCs;

• and Common Information Sharing Environment to elaborate a permanent and accurate Common Pre‐border Situational Picture. For this second pattern, PERSEUS achievements will go beyond the present Frontex roadmap for phases 1 to 3.