The aim of OCEAN2020 is to develop integrated system concepts that culminate in a large-scale technology demonstration for enhanced situational awareness in a maritime environment. 


The demonstration will show how innovative solutions for fusion of multiple data sources can be integrated with Combat Management Systems (CMSs) into a secure network to create a Recognized Maritime Picture (RMP). It will also show how collaborative autonomy between multi-domain unmanned vehicles can provide a force multiplier. This will provide End Users with the advantage of interoperability for joint missions and at the same time offer industry an opportunity to build Command and Control (C2) modules in a multi-company environment.


Building on the overall vision, OCEAN2020 focuses on two major groups of objectives: Innovation objectives and Impact-making objectives. The innovation objectives, split into operational and technical, implement the vision of this project, namely to demonstrate that situational awareness in the naval environment can be improved in terms of wide area surveillance and maritime interdiction operations. The impact-making objectives address the End User and wider economic benefits of undertaking this proposal.




NATO Science and Technology Organisation,

INDRA Sistemas SA,


Saab Akitebolag,

Intracom Defense Electronics,

QinetiQ Ltd.,


MBDA Deutschland GmbH,

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H 2020- PADR-US-01-2017



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