Teresa Leonor Ribeiro Cardoso Martins Morgado has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico of Lisbon University, Master in Mechanical Engineering option of Materials and Manufacturing Processes from the Faculty of Engineering of the Porto University. In addition, Teresa holds a Specialist Professor Public Examinations in Production Technology and Construction of Mechanical Engineering.

Teresa's expertise and research interests are Structural Integrity of Mechanical Components, Mechanical Fracture, Metallic Aloys, Life Cycle Assessment, Circular Economy, Processes and Maintenance Management, Industry 4.0, Maintenance 4.0, Additive Manufacturing Process, and Foundry Processes.

Teresa was an Integrated Researcher Member and President of CeFEMA Forum - Center of Physics and Engineering of Advanced Materials of Instituto Superior Técnico of Lisbon University (IST/UL). In IST, she collaborated as a researcher for twenty years.

Professor since October 1993, Teresa has taken different positions as a Member of the Scientific Council Plenary, School' Technical Scientific Council, Technical Scientific Councils of Research Centers (CINAV, CIC-LNEC, LNEC, UNIDEMI-FCT/UNL, CeFEMA-IST-UL, ICEMS-IST-UL), Commission for Evaluation and Accreditation of Mechanical Engineering course, Engineering Departmental Unit Council, Internship Nucleus Member, Council of Mechanical Engineering Department, and Pedagogical Council. Teresa was also the Pedagogical Coordinator of the Mechanical Engineering course.

Throughout her career, Teresa has been an organizer at dozens of international and national conferences as a member of Advisory Committees, Local Organizing Committees, and International Scientific Committees. She is the Chair of the 5th International Conference on Quality Innovation and Sustainability (ICQIS 2024).

Teresa is the author and co-author of dozens of scientific publications and Technical Consulting reports. Teresa Morgado is a member of the boards of various editorial journals.

She has supervised dozens of jobs in industry internships like foundries, the automotive industry, the railway industry, hospitals, the metalworking industry, the paper industry, industrial moulds, and others. She supervised dozens of theses in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering.

Teresa Morgado is a member of the editorial boards of the International Journal of Engineering Innovations, the American Journal of Mechanics and Applications, the International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Applications, the International Journal of Transportation Engineering and Technology, the Experimental Mechanics - APAET journal and is a Guest Editor of Special Issues in Applies Science Journal by MDPI.

Teresa is a permanent member of several societies, such as the Order of Engineers (OE), Materials Portuguese Association (SPM), Portuguese Society for Experimental Analysis of Stress (APAET), European Structural Integrity Society (ESIS), Ibero-American Federation of Mechanical Engineering (FeIbIm/FelbEm), ATTCEI (Portuguese Association of Knowledge and Technology Transfer).

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